Humidification &
its multiple applications.

Optimal humidity is essential in many industries. Here are a few examples
of industries where our humidification systems make a real difference on a daily basis.



Data Center

The air conditioning system of data centers is one of the essential infrastructures for the operation of information technology equipment (ITE): the processing and storage devices generate heat (up to several kW per square meter of plant) that must be disposed of to keep the temperature within values ​​which ensure optimum operating conditions.


Agricultural & Food Industry

In the preservation of foods, the humidification of the air is a key factor; fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses are, in fact, hygroscopic materials that tend to vary their water content, reaching an equilibrium with the ambient conditions. In order to optimize the preservation of fruit and vegetables, the relative humidity should be maintained within the values of 90-95%.



Wood Industry

The hygroscopic materials, for example wood, are extremely sensitive to the air characteristics: in fact, they tend to contract or expand depending on the humidity level of the environment. For this reason, in order to optimize the processing and storage of wood, air humidity must be constantly monitored, thus avoiding the altering of the plant fibers’ sizes, a phenomenon which in turn can cause the formation of cracks.


Shopping Centers

Air-conditioning represents the process that enables and maintains specific temperature, relative humidity and indoor air purity conditions. Over and above outdoor conditions, this process enables, via the control of four variables, (air temperature, humidity, movement and quality), hygroscopic comfort for the occupants of a specific environment.



Homes & Small Businesses


With its residential air-conditioning solutions, CAREL represents a reliable and innovative technological partner for manufacturers of heat pumps and all operators (manufacturers, installers, system integrators) who want to offer an integrated controller for indoor comfort in the home and domestic hot water production systems, focusing on energy efficiency, respect for the environment and optimisation of resources, as well as easy operation and complete user satisfaction.