Unit Hearters

Whether it is a commercial or industrial application, we have a vast variety of models to fulfil your needs. It is also possible for us to manufacture a unit specially made for your application.

We propose two types of units: the first one has a coil made with plate type aluminum fins and copper tubes which would be ideal for hot water or low steam applications of less than 15 PSIG. The second type of unit has a coil made of extruded aluminum fins and a variety of tube materials.

This type of unit is normally used in industrial industries such as pulp and paper and mining. It is also possible for us to recondition your original unit. In the majority of cases the motor and the fan blade are in good condition. The problem is rather with the coil of the unit. We, therefore, install a new coil of superior quality. We also include in this reconditioning, the repairs and painting of the unit’s cabinet.