Type "X" humiSteam humidifiers represent Carel's high-end solution in immersed electrode humidifiers. They have a built-in controller with graphic display and keypad for programming and controlling operation.

The quantity of steam produced is proportional to the electric current, which is in turn proportional to the water level.

• ON/OFF by external humidistat;
• proportional to external signal;
• proportional to external signal plus a maximum humidity limit probe in the duct;
• modulating based on set point and humidity probe reading ;
• modulating based on set point and humidity probe reading and limit probe in the duct.
Steam flow-rate is modulated continuously from 20 to 100% of maximum capacity (10 to 100% in the 90 and 130 kg/h models), except for in ON/OFF mode, where production is all or nothing.

Type “X” humiSteam humidifiers can accept the following external signals, selected on the keypad: voltage-free contact from humidistat, 0-1 V, 0-10 V, 2-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA.
Type “X” controllers exploit all the advantages of pCO technology, the family of CAREL programmable controllers:
• easy to use, graphic display with clear messages in different languages;
• operation based on daily and weekly time bands with variable set points;
• BMS connectivity via various types of LAN (e.g.: Modbus® (standard), BACnet™, LON®);
• complete diagnostics with text messages, alarm log with time stamping;
• remote diagnostics via GSM (optional);
• automatic drain due to inactivity.

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